What our families say about us...

Jane has done so much to help us. She organised funding for things to make our lives easier and a holiday. She was amazing when ever we needed someone just to talk to; she was always there to listen and make us feel better. She taught us so much like how to be better parents and to talk more. Jane showed us how to fill in forms and how to organise our home better. We cant thank Jane enough for what she has done for us!

Mr & Mrs Spencer

Well where do i start, Jane was a very important part of our lives for a number of years. She helped us with all aspects of everyday life with three very difficult children, all with learning, behavioural and medical issues.

She has patience, understanding but most of all compassion. She has the ability to pull me up when i feel low! I would go as far as saying that my family would not be the success it is today without her.


Samuel spent his first 11 months in hospital, when he was finally discharged he didn't eat anything orally. He is still entirely gastrostomy fed. He was sick with every feed. I had no support from anyone during the week, but was able to get some funding to help. I was at my wits end, narrowly avoiding a breakdown. I met Jane through a special needs group. She had experience with all of of Samuel's needs, and volunteered to help out. To say she has been a life saver is barely an exaggeration. Jane has been so amazing, she has helped teach Samuel to eat, she has given me support & advice when I have asked for it, she has taken all of his needs in her stride. She helps with his very limited speech and other areas of need. She has taken him on many days out & provided him with fantastic experiences. She is very flexible & understanding, and has often worked late if an emergency has occurred. Jane uses her initiative when situations arise & has never let me down. I would recommend Jane to anyone who needs additional support for their children, and also anyone who doesnt!

Julie Spier

Jane is simply a wonder with children and brings a smile to both my 2 and 4 year-olds' faces.  We've known Jane 3 years now and so she's been working with both children since they were tiny, and when one or both are with her I feel completely confident and relaxed that they will be safe, have all their needs met, and most importantly that they will have a wonderful time! They get up to some lovely and very varied activities; from the reports back it's clear there's never a dull moment!

Jane is extremely perceptive with our children and is spot-on in recognising their different personalities, interests, needs and abilities. My daughter has quite complex special needs but Jane is able to quickly see through her disabilities and recognise what she CAN do and what motivates her and has had some very helpful suggestions in terms of how to help further her development.  

Another of Jane's key strengths is how well she connects with us as a whole family.  She is extremely easy-going and friendly and both my husband and I feel completely at ease with her, enjoy our chats and value her ideas and suggestions.  I also appreciate and value a great deal the fact that she's an experienced Mum herself who can empathise with some of the issues we need to deal with, from the statement process to coping with numerous different appointments and professionals.

I have already recommended Jane to 2 friends, who seem as delighted as we have been with her working with their children, and would be more than happy to do the same again.


We have known Jane Pritchard for nine years, initially in her role as a Family Support Worker with Devon County Council Social Services in which she was supporting the parents of two foster children that we had in placement with us. Both the parents had learning difficulties as did one of the children and we witnessed Jane’s professional and caring role at first hand. Jane is very patient and calm, she has a good sense of humour (which we feel is a huge resource when dealing with children with disabilities and challenging behaviours!) and always seems to have a positive attitude.
Over the years we have known her, we have seen Jane work with a wide range of children and young people with a wide range of disabilities and special needs, she is very experienced, very caring and will always put herself out to offer support where it is needed, the children we care for are very fond of her and we know the families she works with find her invaluable. This being the case, we would be happy to recommend her services to other families who are seeking support for their children.

Gill and Richard Mingo

Jane has been working with my twin girls since October 2010. The twins are 2 ½ and have a chromosome abnormality which means they have motor delay, learning difficulties, sensory processing problems and feeding difficulties (they are partly tube fed). We also have another daughter who has just turned 4.

It is difficult to express how much we value Jane’s support for our family and the incredible work she has done with the twins. They adore Jane, love spending time with her and are delighted when she arrives.  In return she cares for them with such warmth, love and dedication.

Jane has extensive experience of working with children with additional needs and is highly skilled in how she works with the girls. She has helped them to make huge developments in their physical, cognitive and feeding skills. Jane takes on board the therapy goals the twins are working towards and thinks carefully about what activities she does with them. She is great at coming up with new ideas of ways to help them. Jane’s also confident when dealing with their tube feeds and cleaning their tube sites.

Jane has been an enormous support to us all as a family.  Although very much in demand, Jane is very flexible and happy to do anything which will help us.  As well as being an experienced professional, Jane is also an experienced Mum and I find her a great sounding board and source of advice.

Jane has made such a difference to our family in the past 18 months and it is difficult to know how we would function without her!  I have no doubt that any other family she works with would find her skill, warmth and passion as invaluable as we do.

Emma Howden